And the comments return

I remember saying that they might not go away for ever and here they are back in the mix again.
Why is that? you might be wondering. Well, when I took them off just under 2 months ago, I did it because they were slowly becoming a measurement of success and I would not allow that to happen.
To do something one should never do, let me quote myself:

"I blog to make a scrapbook and not to be caught up in comments, stats and if my blog is 'good enough'. As long as it gives me joy to write for it, it is exactly as it should be."

I am now sure I have found and preserved that joy. A few of you have taken the liberty to comment via Ravelry and I have had so much enjoyment from that as well. 

So I decided that it was time to turn on the comments again. I want to be able to have a two-sided conversation. I want your input and ideas, you encouragement and advice. I want to learn from you and be inspired by you and simply chat about everything and nothing at all.

So feel free to comment, if you would like to.

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