A WIP Wednesday

Over a month ago I was so happy to tell you that I had changed the cord on my neddles and the knitting was goign well again. Well, since then my cords have broken twice and I got very tired of this huge shawl and knitting the flowers over and over again. After 10,5 flowers I decided the shawl was big enough. It's getting difficult to measure it, but I would say it's between 85-90 cm, hopefully closer to the 90 cm than the 80 cm. it has gotten longer than our table is wide.

 Can you see that thing on the top of the shawl? That is the boarder and I might just think that is the prettiest part of the entire shawl. I'm about halfway through the top front boarder, i.e. I have knitted 1/4 of the top boarder and still have to two massive side boarders to go.

This little voice inside my head is trying to convince me that finishing the shawl comepletely before 2013 is doable. I however am not sure I believe the voice, so I'm aiming to have it done before my parents come to visit on January 25th-28th.

In other news this shawl has meant that I have been a monogamous knitter for almost 3 months now. I do like it, but I think it would be better, if I had one big and one small project at all times. Since I can't haul this shawl with me everywhere I go, I feel like I'm missing out on some knitting time. On the other hand, I tend to read during those times and when I wasn't a monogamous knitter, I would have difficulty finding the time to read. I'm staying monogamous, at least until this shawl is finished, then we'll see what happens next.

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