After another knitting failure, I gave up on knitting today. Don't worry I'll return to it shortly, but for now it is out of the question.

But I cannot do nothing, so I turned to another craft... Free hand embroidery.
I needed a little inspiration and affirmation, so I ended up stitching the following:

It is entirely free hand, I didn't even write it out. When I began stitching what became the first s, I was simply stitching waiting for an idea to hit me. That was when these words popped into my mind. She is crafting a greener tomorrow. This is what I hope to do.

And just because I know you are wondering, my knitting failure was such a beginner mistake. I twisted my cast on for the insouciant. tsk, tsk.


  1. That is great! You going to keep it nice and simple or you adding some flowers and trees and butterflies to it?

    1. I wasn't going to add anything but now you gave me all sorts of ideas.. We'll see what happens ^-^