Engagement rings and other excuses

Life is changing rapidly at the moment and with all that change blogging has proofed difficult. The one yarn related thing that has been happening is a secret, ironic isn't it, in the year of full disclosure. I had so many plans for this year, but God had different plans - much better plans.

I haven't blogged since March. One excuse is that on April Fool's day in the middle of the LYS my mum works for, my man got down on one knee and proposed to me. We are now trying to plan a wedding in just a few short months and will tie the knot on July 4th 2015.

I'm so excited to be engaged, after being with this man for 7 years, there is nothing I'd rather do than marry him. 

But I'm getting way ahead of myself here. You see, 4 days ago we were offered a one bedroom rented flat. Since then we've seen it, signed the contract and paid the deposit. I've lived in the studio we call home since May 2009. Now, in May of 2015, I'll leave. My man has lived here for 4 or 5 years too. For some reason people seem to think we are rockstars for pulling that off. That many years together on 28m2 and the only place you can 'escape' to is the bathroom? Truth be told, we've hardly ever had to 'escape'. 

Now, in just over a month, we'll be moving to a place twice the size of our current flat. With an actual bedroom and kitchen! In just over 2,5 months we'll be married as well. But again, with the getting ahead of myself. 

In between the move and the wedding I have two big exams. For my oral exam on June 24th, I have to first write a synopsis, the topic will be given on May 26th and we only have a few days to write that. Then on June 1st my BA thesis is due. 

Oh and there's more. Much more, that I can't or won't tell you at this point. Not everything is meant to go on the internet. 

All this has lead to a lot of debate in my head concerning blogging. Should I stop? Should I just post when I actually have something yarn related to share with you? How about a year from now - where do I see this blog then? The answer to all those questions is I don't know

I love the community of blogging. I love reading your comments and getting to know you just a tiny bit better every now and then. I love the creative outlet writing is and I wouldn't want to be without that. But if this blog is going to survive and I really want it too, then it may have to go through as many changes as I am. These past two months have seen more life changes for me, than the past 4 years put together. 

In a quiet moment I'll have a talk with my fiancé (that is so odd to type) about this blog. He almost always knows what questions to ask and when to just listen and frankly, that may be all I need to figure out what the future, at least the near future, of this blog entails. 

For now, thanks for stopping by and thank you for being part of my community. 


  1. Oh wow, congratulations on your engagement and all the positive changes ahead of you! I am truly excited for you.

    Whatever you decide to do regarding blogging, it will be the right decision, I am sure. The internet isn't everything, though it plays a great part, and the real world beyond it should always be our focus.

    1. So wise and true words. Thank you for your support :)

  2. Congratulations!!!! So happy to hear about your engagement and your new flat!

    As for the blog, as it is a reflection of you and what you do, it is only natural that it evolves into different things, as your life is ever changing as well. So if you feel like right now blogging is not for you, there is no need to force it. And if you love blogging you will come back to it at some point. There's no harm in only posting when there is really something new. Anyway, I'm sure your FIANCÉ will have great advice for you on the matter ;)

    1. Tahnée, I've pondered your comment a lot and it turns out you are a very wise and good friend. Thank you for your words and encouragement.

  3. So exciting!!! I married my husband July 5, 2013 :) It's a great time to do it!!

    I hope you'll keep blogging! We'll be here to read whenever you're ready! Those men-folk tend to give fantastic advice!!

    1. They sure do. I'll send you a though on your special day.