Debating buttons

I'm knitting a classic long thick cardigan/jacket in Cascade Eco+ and I love it. Both the yarn and the style of the garment is very nice and by knitting it up I get to take a lot of yarn out of my stash as the giant 250g skeins take up a lot of space. But it needs buttons and here comes my dilemma: what kind?

I new I wanted some great buttons, but define great. I also new I wanted to support my mum's LYS. Sadly it doesn't have very many buttons (it opened in the current space in March) and what it had was small ones and I needed bigger ones.
When we entered the store, the first thing I laid eyes on were amazing hand made buttons in all shapes and sizes, made by a Dane. And I fell in love with some pretty ones, but didn't bring any money because I knew, I would be tempted by the yarn. So I put the buttons on hold and will go get them tomorrow.
I get to support my favourite yarn store and an independent Danish, craftswoman while getting a unique hand made product. This is a win-win situation.


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