Knitting is a sport, right?!

I'm taking part in the games formerly know as the Ravelympics, now the Ravellenics. what ever.
It's usually a lot of fun. My first time around was the winter olympics in 2010. I made a giant blanket in 14 days. This time I decided to do some WIP wrestling and dug out my Beatnik in a lovely soft blue Cascade 220.

I had a back mostly done, the ribbing of the front and two sleeves to the end of the decreases. I vaguely remember casting on the front at a knitting club my mum frequents, because I needed something mindless and twisted rib was as close as I could get. I also remember casting on the sleeves because the cables were making me insane and then being afraid that I would run out of yarn, putting them down when I came to the straight part.

I started knitting on it again yesterday, one week into the games, because I didn't think I would get anything done in Germany so I didn't bring it. I finished the back yesterday and today I was able to do my designated amount of knitting as well.
I'm pretty sure I won't be able to finish in time. I'm using 5,5 mm needles and my hands are used to working with 2,5-3,5 mm needles. So I have to take a lot of brakes and knit less, than I could on the smaller needles.
The chart is finally beginning to make sense though and I have cracked the code so now all I need is the chart, no written explanations.

I would really love to get the front done before the games end on August 12. It would mean I would only have the sleeves left and those should go fast, as they are not full length and in moss stitch.

Normally I wouldn't recommend racing to get anywhere with your knitting. It is supposed to be relaxing and restful, but once every two or four years won't hurt you and it is great fun, especially if you are on a team, so that you can report on you progress and cheer on other's.

This year the game is also aiding me getting rid of my stash and WIPs at the same time. So I'm not just having a great time, I'm working towards my goal of being stash free.

Are you participating in the games this year?

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