The socks of woe

Remember my massive knitting failure #2? I've begun the re-knitting of that sock. The orange marker indicates the place I had to rip back to. I've almost done a full repeat already.

I don't like knitting it the second time any more than the first time. I think it is the  two different needle sizes that gets me. I don't get into a flow. The cables are easier, since I still have them fresh in memory, but the size 3mm needles aren't pointy enough. I find it difficult to twist the stitches.

I am now at the point, where I need to start the gusset. I'm not in a hurry to finish these. I know this may sound silly, but I don't want to knit bad feelings into them, so I'd rather go slow and try to enjoy every stitch. I am looking forward to find out when the yarn will run out and how many squares for my blanket I'll have to unravel. My guess is that I'll run out a few rounds before the ribbing starts.

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