A growing handmade wardrobe

My dream has been a handmade wardrobe for a long time and while I'm still a far cry from where I want to be, I am getting closer. I, however, have no idea how many handmade items I have at this point so I thought an inventory was due.

My recently finished linen skirt, now with an elastic band at the waist.

The Insouciant, in linen

Fionas frakke, a wool coat

Beatnik, possibly my favourite sweater

Cecilia, lace blouse

Topstykke, linen dress 

Buttercup dress in linen

Cabled vest I never wear..

Coral in linen, so loved I'm considering making another one.

A cardigan made for me by my mum

A cape my mum made for me out of stashed leftovers

This shirt was my birthday present last year (pattern and fabric)

These pants are the ones I refashioned from the jumpsuit I originally made.  
Whew, are you still there? If so you have just looked through 14 pieces of handmade clothes. What's next? Well I've started the knit pants and I want another cardigan, but it should be long and I want a few more tops and then I really have to make some new socks, because you might remember the state of my socks...
Are you working towards a handmade wardrobe?


  1. Love this post! I followed your link on Handcrafted travelers. I also have a passion for knitting and sewing and dream of a handmade wardrobe. I used to think this was impossible until I became a minimalist. Slowly, I am adding more handmade. I love your wardrobe, it is very inspiring. I am definitely going to make the coral tank. That is just what I am missing!

  2. thank you :)
    I would like another coral top as well. it is so easy to make and it is very flattering in my opinion. It really is a slow process but once you start to feel like you are making progress it is all worth it.