Proof of the skirt

The skirt is finally done. I'm not sure it is okay to say finally really. I had expected this skirt to take forever, but in reality it took just over 2 months to knit. It is made in Karen Noe Linea, which is a linen cotton blend. I love knitting with it and have made 3 items in it now.

Do you ever get the sense that a blogger is just writing about something they 'do' instead of actually doing it? I sometimes feel that way when there are no pictures. Well, I would never do that here, as it sort of defeats the purpose of the blog. So here you have it, proof that I did in fact knit the skirt I have been telling you about.

it was this picture or no picture!
Now remember those cute baby mittens from the other day? Here is a reminder..

They are just so cute! I decided to cast on for them as I wanted a short project before I cast on for the pants. And it is living up to my hopes as the first one was done last night.

What are you knitting?


  1. OMG I wish I were that thin. Then knitting something for me wouldn't take forever. Oh well maybe, one day. Both projects look perfect!

    1. haha I'll take that as a compliment! An added bonus is that it costs much less in yarn. I simple cannot afford to gain weight, also remember that you have 3 beautiful boys, I don't...yet..