Gleanings from a fibre weekend

When I went to Fanø this weekend to take part in the knitting festival I thought I was going to a fibre festival. I was wrong. It was in fact a knitting festival, not a bump of fibre or a spinning wheel or spindle in sight, barely some crochet. To put it mildly it didn't live up to my expectations in any way and I won't be going back any time soon. 

But I still had a great weekend. I really enjoyed the company of my mum and 3 lovely ladies, although I was probably the youngest of us five by 30 years or so. I also enjoyed the scenery. The wonderful houses, the great Vesterhav and driving on the beach. 

 All I came home with were 2 silk scarfs for my hair and a tiny teak tree mouse from the 50's. 

 I did enter a couple of contests while there and actually won one.

 I have been knitting today and I'm making good progress on the pants. Being only a few cm. from letting the right leg rest and starting the left leg.


  1. Even though the festival wasn't what you expected it to be, it looks like you saw some really cool things! Great pictures :)

  2. I did! I really enjoyed the weekend, but would not go again for the festival. I would rather round up some people for a weekend away and just knit, spin and eat good food. :)