Say cheese!

 I browsed youtube to entertain myself and watched a few cheese making videos (you do that too, right?!). You know rennent and the lot, making it sound difficult and expensive. Add my lactose intolerance and the fact that you can only get a low fat lactose free milk here I had convinced myself that cheese making as with yoghurt making was not in my near future. 
Then I came across some videos where all they used were whole milk and lemon juice. And since whole milk is, at least in its raw form, milk with all the cream still in it, a lightbulb turn on in my head. You can get both milk and cream lactose free here. What if I add those two, heat it to the boiling point, pour in the lemon juice and it seperates into whey and cheese curds? Could it really be that simple? 

Well, a picture says more than a thousand words, right?!

It smells like cheese, looks like cheese and tastes like cheese ergo it must be cheese. 
Now I have a few questions for you cheese makers out there:
- What is this type of cheese called?
- When do you add seasoning, like salt or herbs?
- Can you make other cheeses this easily?

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