Designing = Frogging

Everything was going well with the design I'm currently working on.. 
Too well in fact. 
It felt odd that I hadn't done any ripping yet.
I'm so used to designing being equal to a lot of knitting and re-knitting. 

But as I said, everything was going well and I started knitting holes in the design.
 Intentionally of course.

And that is when I noticed that the pieces was about 13 cm too short, no wonder it was going so fast...
rip it - rip it - rip it

Oh well, the show must go on and I'm already knitting on it again.
  Only now the rows take double the amount of time they did before...

In other news my mac seems to have come back to life on its own accord. I think placing the install disc right next to it must have had the same effect as holding a gun to a persons head. 
Everything is being backed up again as I type and the mac has been doomed not fit to save anything on, but it seems like it just may be working as always again.

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