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While my beloved MacBook seems to have given up its ghost, I still wanted to share with you what I picked up after finishing the socks for my dad. I chose the design I'm working on... writing this sentence reminded me that I have not uploaded the newest pattern to my dropbox, I looked and it turns out I have not uploaded any of my patterns to it. Major Fail. If I'm lucky I have backed them up on my other system, if not i guess I can always get the files from Ravelry, but I just have to repeat myself: Major Fail (10 points if you know the pop culture reference that made me use a capital F both times). 
Oh well, all is not lost yet we have only tried 3/5 things mentioned on the support site, I should know come Monday how bad it is.

Now, you should stop reading this and go back up your computer. People I said now.

Assuming you back up your files more often than I do, which I thought was quite often before this illustrated, that it isn't often enough, you may now resume reading.

I desided to pick up my design, because I'm at a point of just knitting for a good few cm's. I'm loving this yarn which I have no clue what is (the financial joys of being a student...). Two things are, however, obvious: 
a) It is a somewhat 'coarse' wool.
b) It has a good amount of lanolin in it.  
My hands feel so soft every time I've knitted with it. 

It feels both exciting and scarry to be working on my first garment. My next challenge is pockets, so please let me know what your favourite way of knitting pockets is...

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