Top 5 Classes to Improve Your Knit Designs

Ever since I started knitting 20+ years ago I've been on a quest to constantly improve my knitting. Now that I'm designing, I'm eager to learn more about that aspect of the craft and I imagine you are too.

Here are my top 5 picks from Craftsy's classes to improve your designing skills. Some I've taking, some are on my list for this year - all are worth the money, since Craftsy has a guarantied money back police if you are not happy with your purchase.

 #1 - Sizing Knitwear Patterns with Faina Goberstein

"Knitwear designer and math professor Faina Goberstein walks you step-by-step through every calculation involved in grading a range of sizes, from the initial gauge swatch through shaping a garment and calculating yardage. You will conquer your pattern-grading fears and finish with a pattern that's ready to knit, and the knowledge and tools to use these skills for years to come."

This is a class I have taken and I've already gone back a few times to re take some of the lessons. Faina's accent is a little strong, but once you get used to it, the information is life changing if you've never graded a pattern before. 

#2 - How To Say It: Pattern Writing for Knitters with Edie Eckman

"Learn the keys to communicating your one-of-a-kind knit designs. Author, teacher and technical editor Edie Eckman presents an insider's guide to clearly communicating knitting patterns to editors, publishers and fellow knitters. This class offers experienced knitters the opportunity to strengthen their pattern writing and reading skills, as well as increase their chances of successfully selling their designs.
Edie walks you through the basics of writing a knitting pattern - from articulating stitch repeats to understanding the impact sizing has on your creative choices - and provides you with essential pattern-writing tools, including her detailed templates and a meticulously crafted style guide. Her sample pattern, the pretty Acorn Cardigan, is included free!"

I've taking this class as well, but I think I'm due for a re-view since I've failed to put my stylesheet into practise. #fulldisclosure 

#3 - Hand Knit Garment Design with Shirley Paden

"Learn how to design knitwear from the master … Shirley Paden! Author of Knitwear Design Workshop, the go-to reference book for knit garment designers, Shirley brings her comprehensive yet simple design process to Craftsy, including a 26-page downloadable workbook and animated video diagrams. Shirley shows you step-by-step how to use one simple math formula to calculate yardage, shape sleeve caps and armholes, distribute increases and decreases and achieve a perfect fit. Don't miss this opportunity to learn handknit garment design from an industry expert."

I've yet to take this class, but it is at the top of my list to take this year!

#4 - Lace Shawl Design with Miriam Felton

"Designer Miriam Felton shares her methodology and design templates, walking you through every consideration for shawls, from inspiration to planning, construction and beyond. This technique-based course will give you an intimate look at a lace master's mind, showing you how to develop your own design process. Design shawls as simple or complex as you desire, and receive help from Miriam along the way. Get your pencils ready and chart your own path in Lace Shawl Design."

#fulldisclosure - I'm itching so bad to do a couple of shawl designs and I have a simple lace one on the way, but with this class I'm confident I could strike into something a tad more complicated. 

#5 - Mastering Cable Design with Fiona Ellis

"Fiona puts a new twist on deciphering cable abbreviations while teaching you basic cable crosses, rest rows and how to creatively combine these knit design elements. She’ll also offer tips on where to find cable design inspiration and how to enhance your garments with I-cord embellishments. You’ll master diamond and doughnut shapes, add and subtract individual cables, play with negative space and learn to change cable angles in this example-packed class. You'll also learn to mix and match elements from existing cable designs to make them your own."

I'm so excited to take this class since I love me some good cables and really enjoy incorporating them into my designs, but sometimes find it difficult to do just that!

Now tell me...

Have you taken any of these classes? What did you think of them? Is one of them calling your name? 


  1. Thanks for sharing, I'd love to try my hand at designing one day, and these will be of great help.

    1. I think so too. Even if you don't care to design right now, they will still make you grow as a knitter. :)