What's on My Needles? - From Idea to Published Pattern..

Going a new way

2015 is the year of Full Disclosure for me. Thus let me tell you about the new project I have on my needles: It's a sock pattern and it's entirely a secret!

For the first time, I feel ready to work on a pattern for submission. Will it be accepted? Only God knows, but I'm giving it a shot.

This shot at a pattern for submission means I'm working on a deadline for the first time, that isn't set by me and can't be changed. It means I can't show you any pictures or really talk about it. I will not, however, stop me from sharing the process with you. I'm sure the next month and a half will provide me with a good deal of headaches.

The big question I've keep asking myself is if it is worth it to work on patterns for submission. Like anyone would do, I made a list of pros and cons:


  • Some form of compensation is provided
  • It will get my name out to a much wider audience
  • If the pattern is refused, I'll have a pattern to self-publish


  • I have to keep everything about the pattern a secret. 
  • I have to wait a long time to know if the pattern is accepted
  • I have to follow the guidelines that the publisher decide on
  • I have to work on a deadline

For the longest time the single con of having to keep everthing a secret outweighed every pro. I've now reached a point where it doesn't anymore. I'm running my head against a paywall in so many aspects when I think of something I could do to further my business, but this is one thing I can do, that won't cost me a dime, in fact, it is likely to make me a dime or two if all goes well. 

Now tell me, do you have any experience getting your patterns published? And what are your pros and cons?

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  1. Good luck on your pattern, don't give up, it will be worth it in the end :-)