3 FREE Craftsy Classes to Improve Your Cooking.

We all have to do a few things every single day of our lives, one of the most joyful things is eating. I love reading cook books, I love talking about food, I love making it and I adore eating it. I even have a pinterest board called Food, Glorious Food (brownie points if you know the movie reference!). 

Thus I bring to you a collection of free classes, that will enrich your cooking - from using whole grains and making pizza to improving your knife skills (look out for the tip on how to avoid tears when chopping onions). 

#1 - Creative Ways With Whole Grains

"This FREE mini-class is guided by Cooking Light executive chef Anna Bullett, and is packed with delicious recipes and innovative techniques to incorporate whole grains into any meal! Learn the essential methods and correct ratios for perfectly cooked grain, from brown rice to farro and more. Discover the secrets to whole-grain risotto that’s loaded with nutrients and always creamy. You’ll even learn timesaving techniques for using a slow cooker and tips for storing your grains, for healthy meals any night of the week. Then, put your new skills to use as you make a wheatberry salad packed with golden raisins and goat cheese, a wild rice stuffing full of dried cherries and pecans and more. Plus, find 14 full recipes included in your course materials, for healthy meals even your pickiest eater will devour!" 

#2 - Complete Knife Skills

"Become faster and more accurate with your knife work, and create dishes that cook evenly and look
truly professional. Guided by chef Brendan McDermott, you’ll explore proper hand placement and the
four fundamental cuts. Learn to dice, mince and julienne a range of produce. Find out how to chop herbs without bruising them or losing flavor, and never again cry when cutting an onion. Uncover Brendan’s favorite shortcuts for working with butternut squash, pineapple, chiles, citrus and more. Discover the four knives every chef needs in their kitchen, and finish the course with a lesson on honing and sharpening your knives at home!"

#3 - Perfect Pizza at Home

"Stretch your dough and your imagination as Peter guides you through each step of making a pizza. You'll make pizza sauces, consider cheese options and bake five types of dough in your conventional home oven. Impress Italian purists with a slice of your Sicilian-style, homemade pies, provide your gluten-free pizza lovers with mouth-watering meals or cook creative flavor combinations for more adventurous palates. Sign up today for Perfect Pizza at Home to learn the secrets of building and baking “the perfect flavor delivery system”!"

Which class are you most interested in?


  1. These look good! I have now enrolled in the classes for knife skills and perfect pizza. I have always wanted to learn knife skills properly. Thanks for posting about these!

    1. Good to hear :) I hope that onions will never again cause you trouble. truth be told I need to rematch that part, and show it to my man, because they still bother us.

    2. I tried my new skills on an onion and it was better, but I still had tears in my eyes at the end. Then again, I really need to sharpen my knives properly.