Oooh Shiny or How I Want To Knit All The Things

Mission completed! I have regained my lost joy and am currently bursting with ideas and wanting to knit it all NOW.


Bella is done, well almost done. The knitting is done, the seaming is done, but she still needs a good bath and some buttons. I rarely put buttons in baby knits before I know which baby they are going to or rather which parents. Buttons can be a huge investment and people like different styles, both are taken into consideration to finish off the knit in the best possible way.


First on my must-knit-it-now list was a pair of socks for my dad, since I have no clue when I'll see him next and his birthday was late January, so really I should get going on his present, right...
The first sock is almost ready for a heel flap and as usually I'm really enjoying this meditative knit. My hands know exactly what to do and just do it with out me having to think to much about it.

A Long List of Ideas

Then there is the list of ideas. I still want to knit the hat I mentioned here
Additionally, there is a sweater for my MIL in the pipeline.
I really want to knit a dress or something for myself, maybe this one.
And another pair of socks for me would be nice too.
There is more on the list, but this sounds like a good few months of knitting already, so lets leave it here.

How are you feeling about your knitting at the moment? Is it full of joy?


  1. One day I want to knit a dress as well. It is such an investment to buy all the wool, though, so I have been putting it off for years.

    Apart from that, I do have my knitting mojo and finished a pair of sock and started a new design for a snood I want to publish. I have no idea how long it will take me to knit it! Tomorrow I will be getting material for a sample knit that needs to be finished before the end of the month, so I will be very busy. I am loving it at the moment!

    1. It does take a lot of yarn to knit a dress, but you also get a full outfit out of it. I tend to think of it as knitting a top and a skirt in one. That way it doesn't seem as expensive. And I'm a small, slim girl, which helps a lot, especially when you come to the endless stockinette I tend to have on the skirt portion.

      Can't wait to see your snood. :)

  2. I'm glad to hear you've found your knitting energy again, you seem to be bustling with ideas! That dress pattern is lovely, really something I'd wear. Now would you mind sending some of your knitting energy my way? I have lost my mojo somewhere and cannot seem to find it.

    1. Sure. whoosh... There you go. May I suggesting knitting something quick and fun to jumpstart it?