Crocheting cotton pads

I usually stick to knitting, but that doesn't mean I can't crochet or don't appreciate it. It has its place and one of the things it's supposed to be good at is making cotton pads. 

I use 2 cotton pads every day. That turns out to be a lot of pads in a year and a lot of trash. They are not expensive to buy, but reusable pads would be way better both for the wallet and the environment. And let's face it, nice handmade cotton pads will look much better in the bathroom, than those store ones in plastic wrapping. 


  1. Cute! I never thought of doing this...I have lot's of scraps of cotton...and I use those cotton pads all the time too.

    I'm scubaknit on Ravelry :)

  2. Thank you Debbie. I had seen it on some blog and I thought duh!