Being home means that I get to spend time with friends and family and it gives me the opportunity to learn from my parents. You see, the jelly making season just started here and my parents have gooseberries in their garden. One has to get around to making the jelly before they ripen, because when they are ripe, they contain too little pectin and yes, I know you can add that, but why would you, when nature provides all you need? So I asked my mum if we could do it, while I'm home and her answer was: "Do it yourself!". So I am. With the comfort of having my mum around to guide me, I'm DIY'ing the jelly.
I got 1,3 kg fruit and added 8 dl water, it is now gently simmering away and I know that by the end of tomorrow (it needs to drip overnight) I will be confident in how to make jelly.

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