Have you ever had the feeling of emptyness follow the feeling of joy you get when you reach a goal?

I recently became an almost stash free knitter as you might already know and that has left me feeling empty. I have worked so long to reach this goal and now I'm pretty much there. My plan was to have the yarn for the 1-2 projects I'm actively working on and then yarn for the next project in line so I never risk running out.
I'm there. I have yarn for the French Press Slippers (which I have yet to cast on for) and yarn for one more project. I have reached my goal and it feels wonderful. But then there is the emptyness. I don't feel tempted to buy new yarn, I don't miss having a stash...
I think the problem is that I have been working diligently on this project for so long and now the project is over. I thrive on challenges and now there is none in my knitting life. Most likely this feeling will pass, as I get used to being a stash free knitter. To battle the feeling of emptyness I've decided to spin up all the orange wool I have as my next challenge.

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