Going new ways..

Sometimes when you are stuck, you have to do something different. I have been so stuck in my knitting lately. Why? - Because I have no money for new yarn and no need for more sweaters... But I have missed having something between my hands. So I asked a family friend, who owns a LYS if I could knit up a sample for her. Anything.
Her eyes lit up as she asked, anything? And then she told me she needed a shawl by a great Danish designer and that I could knit which ever one I wanted to.
I have wanted to knit one specific shawl by this designer for a long time, but there were 3 things in the way: 1) it didn't come in my colours 2) the kits cost the same as the tip of a jet plane 3) I have no room and really no need for such a shawl.
Now I get to make it, to get the experience, without the cost and the added stuff. It is however a huge project and although I don't have a deadline, I would love to have it done as fast as possible. I'm not putting any pressure on myself to finish by any date, I just hope that I will enjoy it so much, that it will move along swiftly.

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