Knitting workshop

I have the awesome opportunity to attend a talk and a workshop with a Danish knitwear designer. She is coming to the island I was born on, so I get to go with my mum and have a nice weekend at my parents' home.

I haven't knit anything by this designer, yet. She works in fair isle with yarn cakes you make yourself of all sorts of colours, so that it changes colour at random spots in the pattern and not two items are ever the same. Her colour sense is slightly different than mine. She has a strong preferance for reds and oranges, I favour blues and purples. Most of her patterns are very bold, but some are smaller and more to my liking. Her designs only come in kits and sadly the shawl I would love to have, doesn't come in colours that match my complexion and taste.

I hope to not only improve my fair isle technique, but also come away with a greater sense of colours and how to combine them.

Her kits are a lot of money, so they are not in my immediate future, but I would like to knit one of her shawls some day. For now I'm simply excited to get the experience and to learn from a pro.

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