A new wheel

This beauty is my new wheel. After looking at many models I decided on a Kromski Sonata because it is very small and portable.

This wheel has opened my eyes. I now know that I was spinning wrong (although I managed to make perfectly good yarn) and with not so nice materials. I now want to learn a bunch of new techniques and buy lovely fibres to spin. The lady who sold me the wheel gave me a book and some fibre (Blue Faced Leichester) to start with and I got 100g. of royal blue BFL to spin as a thank you gift from my mum. Thankfully that lady doesn't mind sending fibre, so I'll be getting some when I've finished what I got when I was there.

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  1. You will get so much more love and use from this than a smart phone. What a fantastic way to remember your dear granddad! Every time you use it you will think of him. xo Mimi