Another lovely stash

The postman rang our doorbell with a soft package for me earlier today, I got so excited when I spied this:

Houson, TX.
You see a little while ago the lovely Queen Maxine asked me for my addres so she could send me a surprice because I got my new wheel. Isn't she sweet and awesome?!
Inside the bpackage were 3 fibre braids and a card.

From left to right you have: 
Home Fires Burning (Dec. 12)
100% Brown Merino Top

unknown colourway
BFL/silk blend
Desert Blooms
100% BFL
 All three braids are from Fiber Obsessions, which is a local to Maxine dyer. And I can't wait to start spinning them. I think I'll begin with Desert Blooms. Each braid is 4 oz (which is 113 grams).

Before I recieved these braids from Maxine I didn't really have a stash. I have a lot of wool in our basement, but after trying some BFL, I now know that the stuff down there isn't worth spinning. So I might just make a ton of felted soaps for gifts or something with it.

I'm have not made a lot of progress on the royal blue combed BFL for my mum yet. Before I got sick I spun for at least 15 min. every day and there is really a lot of yardage in this fibre. I don't even think I've worked through 1/4 of the fibre.

I have to say that I am a solids girl. I don't tend to knit with anything but solids, but I still can't wait to spin up those braids from Maxine, only I have no idea what to make of the resulting yarn, but I'll save that 'sorrow' for when the time comes.

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