Spinning for mum

Remember how I got some blue BFL to spin for my mother?
I sat down to spin on it this Sunday in the sun and it was wonderful. I have spun a little every day since I got the wheel and I have gotten so much better. The lady, who sold me the wheel, showed me how to spin over the fold and told me that my fibres are a tiny baby bird and I need to hold it as such.
Since I learned to spin from a book and what I could remember from when I tried it in 2nd or 3rd grade, I was using brute force to control the process. While the end product was fine, the process wasn't nearly as relaxing as I have now discovered it can be.

I was not matching on purpose, although it has happened before:

Back to the yarn for my mum. She asked for a 2 ply and although I would rather make her a 3 ply, she will get what she asked for. It may take a while however before her yarn is done because this is the thinnest I have ever spun and I'm a little proud. You could make lace with this single strand of yarn. 
I can't wait to try out my fast flyer to see if it will allow me to spin froghair so that I can make a plied lace yarn one day. 

Another goal would be to make sock yarn that was spun so hard that it doesn't need any man made fibres to hold up.
And finally I would love to spin yarn for sweaters, but for now I'm content spinning this for my mum. I am contemplating if I should knit her a shawl out of it or just give it to her as yarn. I think I'll wait and see how much yardage I get. I would love to end up around 400m.

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