Malmö - A guide for the non-consumer

Malmö, the third biggest city in Sweden, only 30 min from Copenhagen by train and known as a mecca  for shoppers. A quick google search will bring you tons of shopping guides for the city, but what to do when you aren't planning to go shopping?
We went to Malmö for a day and the city has plenty to offer for the non-consumer.

Malmö is famous for its parks and we went to a few of them: Slottsträdgården, Kungsparken and Slottsparken.
The parks are dotted with statues, fountains and plenty of animals. We were surpriced with the many geese wandering the green spaces with their youngs.

Most of the parks have waterways through them, where you can spot people canoeing and sailing motor boats and so on.

Slottsmöllan is very picturesque and close to every gardener's must see: Slottsträdgården (the castle garden). 

 At Slottsträdgården you will find all kinds of gardens and in the middle a huge vegetable garden

At the opposite end of the garden you will find a couple of huge green houses and a small café, where you can enjoy a cup of whetever you prefer.

Making your way towards Gustav Adolfs Torv, make sure to see Gamla Begravningsplatsen (The old cementary), which is a very peacefull place.

In Malmö, I would recommend seeing Malmöhus slot, which is a 14th century castle turned museum. We opted not to see the museums, but in case you would want to they are very varied and the entry fee is very reasonable at 40 SEK/ 20SEK with student ID, to see all the museums. 

Another place worth the hike to see up close is the Turning Torso.

Malmö is such a mixture of old and new that you are sure to find buildings that will suit your taste.

Living up to its fame as a paradise for shoppers Malmö is crowded by cafés, the best place we found and where we decided to have a latte in the sun was Noir Kaffekultur, where the coffee is organic, the icecream homemade italian style and the barristas wear red lipstick. They even had Lactose free milk for my latte and they won my heart for good when I went to the rest room and above the mirror was a hand written note: Var fin du är idag (how pretty you are today!). 

Should you forget your non-consumer mentality for a moment or just want to go browsing, I'll recommend the following places: 

Five o'clock tea is said to be the best place to shop for tea and such. We did a little window shopping once again agreeing on our future tea pot.  

Granit turned out to be a minimalist's dream, with functionality and design at its heart. 


  1. I want to come visit...!!!!

    1. You should and then you could come visit me as well and I could show you København (Copenhagen) :)