Where did that stash come from?

Do you remember the days when I was a happy knitter with no stash? Well, no more, now I have a rather overflowing stash again, for me that is. So I  decided to look into the matter and diagnose my stash:
This is the yarn I'm currently knitting with. I'm working on a skirt in ribbing and some day I will take a picture and show it to you, but for now a picture of the yarn will have to do.

This is left over yarn from the t-shirt I recently finished. Have I showed it to you? No, I don't think so.. A post on my handmade wardrobe may be due soon.

So far no real stash, right?! Because left overs doesn't count, right?!

This is yarn from my mum, it is OLD. She wanted to knit a shirt with it, but her hands didn't like the cotton, so now it is mine.
Shetland wool 
This is yarn I bought over christmas, I meant to make a cowl, but now I'm not so sure. For now it is waiting.

And then we have some assorted leftovers. Some cotton, some sock wool and some hand spun, which I used for the headband/hat combo pattern SNOWY EASTER.

That leads us to the last part of my stash. The never ending yarn!

This is what  I have left. Yes it is another left over. I bought it for 268 DKK, which was very cheap, to make a sweater for my man. Ooops, I guess I haven't shown you that either. Bad blogger, no cookie for me. When I finished that I had barely made a dent in the yarn, so I gifted a bunch to my SIL, so she could make a sweater for herself. And still there is more. Much more. 
While it makes wonderful sweaters, it is not very nice to knit with. It scratches and makes my fingers itch. Once it is watched it is great, soft and airy. So I decided to wind it all into 100g skeins, so I can wash it before I knit with it again.

The winding was a slow process and it showed just how much yarn I have left: 600g. This should be enough for a good long cardigan for me. 

I guess this isn't much of a stash, but it takes up a lot space and I really want to knit it down.
Does yarn tend to sneak up on you and what about those pesky leftovers? Oh and lets not talk about my spinning stash...


  1. Make blankets! They use up a lot of wool quickly and are useful.

    1. Yes they are, I have made two blankets so far and it is such a fun project.