Cornflakes crunchies

This is traditionally a Christmas snack in my family, but when I found some cornflakes left over from Christmas in my mum's cabinet I knew I had to make some. I am not a fan of processed foods and we are moving more and more away from them, but this treat, I think, will always be a part of our lives.

It is very simple to make and fun to do with children, taking care to teach them that water baths make for hot, hot bowls.

Get some good chocolate, the better the chocolate the better the treat in the end. I used 200g.
melt it slowly in a water bath, there is a science to this but I have never learned it and mine always turn out great.

When fully melted it is time to add in the cornflakes. We use the cheapest possible kind, but try to get one that isn't too loaded with sugar.

By adding the cornflakes in a little at the time, you ensure to get the maximum amount in, without having cornflakes that aren't covered in chocolate. The chocolate i the glue of this treat so make sure they are all coated in it.

The next step is to form the crunchies and place them on some baking paper on baking trays. I like using two table spoons, make sure the cornflakes are all connected and make the crunchies so that you can eat them in a bite or two, otherwise it can get messy, especially with kids.

Now you put the trays somewhere cool and wait for them to become solid, this is the hardest part according to my man. You can satisfy impatient husbands and children by letting them lick the bowl, just remember that it can, as mentioned, be very hot.  

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