Next up on the needles

I know, I know.. I still haven't shown you what is on the needles right now. Maybe you don't even believe me when I tell you I'm knitting a skirt. I can't say I blame you for that. Well the skirt is nearing its end and when I finish I'll get some pictures of it on me. Right now it is just a big blob of grey (sidenote: I got so confused when Ravelry told me the colour was gray, I was certain it was spelled with an e and not an a. Out came the dictionary and it turns out we are both right. Ravelry is American and thus spells it with an a, I favour a British spelling (got it?) and thus use an e, end of sidenote).

Today I spent 7 hours in my LYS keeping my mum company while she was working. It meant that the yarn for my next big project came home with me. I am going to knit pants.  Ah yes, you read that right! Pants, as in trousers, as in a lot of sts. I can't wait.  But what happened to getting rid of the stash you might ask?! Well, remember that I had that grey and purple yarn? I am going to use those. The grey will be hold together with this lace wonder from Drops:

I am not really a fan of Drops' yarns in general, as a lot of them have man made fibres in them and I am a) allergic and b) a snob. But this wonder is 70% baby alpaca and 30% mulberry silk, who doesn't love that?
Here is a snapshot of the grey it will go with:

I do have those other left overs and they are calling to me and giving me a sense of guilt. I have tried left and right to gather ideas, could this go with that, to make this? or how about this for that? But no luck and now I've had it. So I got this today: 

A baby knitting book! And I can't wait to get going and using up all my leftovers. I don't have a clue who will get the items, but a baby will pop up or rather out again, they always do.
First on my baby knitting list is this cute set, a cardigan and pants.

I may also make a few of these...

And these are so stinking cute!

What is next on your needles?


  1. Next for me will be to stop starting new projects and finishing the ones I already have going. I really have a problem.

    1. umm inspired by your comment I got out a WIP that I started at the beginning of summer and I'm not making good progress on it.