Celebrations all around (and a discount coupon)

::sings:: ...Celebrate good times come on...duh du duh du du du duuuu...

Someone downloads one of my patterns every day, some days see a lot of downloads, others just one, but it happens pretty much every. single. day. The thought of this amazes me.
Monday will mark the end of my first year working on this micro business, do you remember how excited I was to reveal the secret?

What a year it has been. I'm at 1000+ unique downloads of my patterns, and I'm thankful for every one of them.
One year ago I couldn't imagine making $10-20 from my designs. I've made a good deal more than that this year, which means that new goals/dreams have been set for the next year and I'm so excited to see where this road will lead me.

But wait, there is more... SIMPLE WITH A TWIST has been selected as a pattern option for the  Beginner's Knit-Along April Cable KAL. I feel so honoured, that they included the pattern, even though it's a pay for pattern. So to celebrate I offered them a 10% discount valid for all my patterns.
And since I'm in the mood for celebrations I though I would share it with you as well.

For 10% off any pattern April 1st-30th 2014
use the coupon code

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