Flat dreams

One day we will live in a flat with more than one room and that day will be a glorious one. Here are some of the items that I dream about, but just don't have room for.

This is a poster of our beloved island, made with the names of the towns. 
This is my dream couch. My man's dream couch costs about 30.000DKK more than this one... 
Frankly, I just long for the day when our couch is only for sitting and napping, 
not for actual sleeping during the night. 
The famous Lyngby vase in all its beauty. 
Unfortunatly, my man doesn't like it, so this one might stay a dream forever. 


Children or no children, this sheep would be the perfect addition to our home. 

I would place it next to my wheel and knitting basket, for a full circle.

Is there something you would love to add to your home?

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