Knitting and learning

These days there is a lot of learning going on around here. We are nearing the middle of the semester and there is plenty to do and read on a daily basis. However, my dad's socks don't just make for great train knitting, they double as perfect break knitting. And on days where the motivation is lacking a little I read x and then get to knit x rounds as a reward - a system thet has proven very productive.

But school related learning is not the only learning that is happening. I had asked on a group for designers on Ravelry about a certain designing class on Craftsy - was it worth the money? Almost everybody said yes! So I decided to hold out for a sale and see if it was more within my budget then.
Out of the blue, an incredibly generous person contacted me, wanting to gift me the class. Can you believe how kind strangers can be?! I'm feeling blessed and have already gone through the first two lessons and learned a great deal. I can't wait to apply all this new knowledge to the design I'm working on.

And wouldn't you know it, my dad's socks make the perfect knitting for these lesson as well, so far at least. 

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