I'm finishing a lot of WIPs at the moment, in fact I have finished all my WIPs. This little fellow still needs some eyes and then he will be ready to travel the world.   

Elefante by Susan B. Anderson was a quick and fun left overs project. I must admit that I enjoyed the knitting more than the seaming. I made him old school with visible seams on purpose, since that is my favorite kind of stuffed toys.

These here are my mum's Christmas socks. Oh yes, it is late August and I'm done with all my Christmas knitting. I really hope December will be a breeze this year.   

It is the Tip Toe Through the Tulips socks from Wendy D. Johnson. I made them in a Cash Sock from Gepard. My mum argued that I could just leave them with her now, so I didn't have to bring them for Christmas, but for once she will have to wait for the 24th to get her present. 

It was a strange feeling to have nothing on the needles, so I cast on for squares for my John 6:12 blanket right away from the leftover sock yarn. 

My stash is disappearing in front of my eyes and I love that. I'm so close to my goal of no stash. No stash to stress me, only 1-2 projects on the needles, bliss...

I might not do as much knitting this winter, since new yarn isn't in the budget, but who cares when you have a basement full of Danish wool, you can spin up into lovely yarn. 
I have yet to knit with my own handspun, as my mum has been stealing it to make felted slippers. (Also I have been practicing on the orange wool, I'm not good with orange and this one is ugly, that is why I'm trying my hand at it first, so when I get to the pretty colours I'll be a much better spinner.)

Speaking of felted slippers, I can't wait till I get home and can cast on for the French Press Slipper that a Ravelry friend sent me both the pattern and some yarn for. Pink is not really my colour, but I'm so excited to try knitting with a Knit Picks yarn since I've heard so much about them, but never seen one in real life. I might end up gifting them so somebody. And if I like the pattern I have spotted some blue yarn in my mum's stash that is begging to become slippers ;)

p.s. I know the picture quality hasn't been great lately, but it is so easy to snap a picture with my iPod and upload it. It is a question of these pics or no pics. And I love the effect on them. They make me happy so they stay.

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