Ravellenic round up

As I've said before, I started a little late, a week late in fact, and I didn't finish my project. I probably would have, if I had had two weeks to knit in, but who cares.  I had fun and made a significant amount of progress on my WIP, the Beatnik. 

There wasn't a lot left to knit on the back so I finished that on my first day of knitting. The bright green markers show where I was before the game began. 
Then I continued with the front and was able to finish that as well. The markers show each day's progress, the last few days I didn't get much done at all.

Then I moved on to the sleeves and added a lot to those today. I'm making them longer than you are supposed to. I have just over 13,5" and want to get to 19" before I start the sleeve cap.
So all in all there isn't much knitting left on this project. The sleeves need to be finished and then the collar and finally it all has to be sewn together.

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