Small gifts can mean the world...

I happen to have awesome friends all the way over in the United States of America and they know that a small token and some kind words can mean the world to you when life isn't a walk on roses. One friend sent me a lovely present not too long ago and while I was away this last time around another package arrived.
This time it contained a little something from two dear friends.
From the first I received this unexpected gift: 
I'm not sure if the origami bird is a crane of peace, but I would like to think so. The bowl is hand turned and the bracelet fits just like it should and I love the colours in it. By the way, the bowl reminds me of my KnitPicks knitting needles :)

The second I knew was coming and was so excited to see. It contained pretty much all my deep loves, a book, tea and yarn and a pattern. I was happy to find that I was not allergic to the ingredients in the tea and I have already begun reading the book. It appears to be just what I need at the moment. 
I'm slowly finishing up knitting the squares for my John 6:12 blanket and once that is done, I'll cast on for the French Press Slippers.

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  1. I´m glad that our few little somethings have made you happy. That was the whole point. Enjoy!