From wool to yarn

The softest Malabrigo Nube merino woll is turning into the loveliest yarn. It is a long and slow proces, but there is something peaceful about sitting in front of the wheel and seeing the wool being twisted into a single. When the last gram is spun of the first colour, I get to repeat the process with the next colour and then wait.
The waiting part is the most difficult part about spinning. From the last gram has been spun to the next step in the process, you, idealy, have to wait 24 hours to let it all rest. And a full day is way too long to wait patiently.
Next comes the plying, this is a much faster process. It takes me around 30 min. to ply 50 grams and then there is waiting again.
Once again, you have to sit on your hands (or better, keep them bussy with knitting needles) for a full 24 hours.
Now the niddy noddy comes out, an invention I care a lot for. Zip zap and the yarn is wound into a skein. This is when the process starts all over, while I sit and dream of what I'll knit wth this yarn once it is all done.
I'm holding off on the washing until all the skeins are done, then I get to make a swatch (swatches are growing on me) and figure out what I can knit.

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