Starry, starry night

This post is about christmas decorations and how February is the perfect (alright, maybe January is just a smidge better) month to buy them and ahem hang them in your windows.

You see, all of December (and October and November before that...) I had my eye on, no wait, I lusted for a specific christmas decoration, from a brand called Ferm Living. These items were not all that expensive relative to other christmas decorations, but my budget for such unnecessary, although beautiful items equaled zero.

Then much to my surprise, when my man and I was walking around Illums Bolighus dreaming, there they were, the items I had been wanting so badly, but couldn't justify spending the money on. I showed the to my man (again) and he really liked them and that is when I noticed they were 75% off. So two of them came home with me and I was about to pack them away for next christmas when my man said I had to hang them up now, Basta! So I did.

Have I kept you in the dark long enough? 
Want to know what I got? 

- Wooden Stars.

Do you have any seasonal specific decorations that you keep out all year long?


  1. I just found your blog today and I really like it. I'll be watching for more posts whenever you feel moved to write. I know well the struggle to find balance between the 'real' world and the online one. Simplicity is so important. ~ Linne

  2. Thank you Linne. I'm sure there will be more :) I am in the process of finding that balance and it seems to be working.