Working on a present for mum

In the spring, my parents kindly gave me a new spinning wheel, after I had spent three years learning on a used wheel, which I got for 200 DKK and made me utter sentences like "When I get a new wheel, it has to be able to..."
The new wheel is a Kromski Sonata and it opened up a whole new world to me. The kobination of a good wheel and good fibre made spinning relaxing instead of hard work. 

When I got the wheel, I decided to say 'thank you' with 100 grams Blue Face Leicester (BFL) in royal blue. It was - slowly - spun into a find two stranded yarn. My mum then had the choice of knitting something from it herself or having me knit something for her. She picked the last and asked for a scarf. 

Thus the knitting of New York by Susie Haumann began. It is a simple pattern, I quickly got the hang of, but knitting a scarf takes time! I'm about ready to knit on some of the other projects currently on the needles, so now the scarf has to be done before the weekend, where it has an opportunity for making its way to my mum.

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