Fall = Food

Every single fall, I get this sudden urge to cook all the things. I want to read about food, make food, eat food. Most importantly, I want to share food, with my family and with you. I've already made 2 apple pies this month, which was a first for me, and definitely a keeper.

There may be a little squirrel inside of me, happy to see the year's bounty, although limited due to the fact that we live in a tiny flat, neatly put up and stored for later. 

A large tree outside our flat is home to one such squirrel and I enjoy watching it from time to time, run up and down the tree storing away goods for the winter. 

I've been doing the same and we are now enjoying apple crumbles and jelly with our meats and my herbs are doing alright.  

Here's the thing, I'm looking for some new reading material on food. I'm considering getting The Art of Fermentation by Sandor Ellix Katz

If you love reading about food as much as I do, then please let me in on your favourite cookbooks to read and learn from. I prefer books with much more than recipes and some of my favourites are Sally Fallon's Nourishing TraditionsHugh Fearnley-Whittingstall's The Original River Cottage Cookbook, as well as pretty much anything my the Danish chef Claus Meyer (I currently own 3 books by him).

Do you know of any books in this traditional, seasonal and nose-to-tail eating vein? Let me and everyone else know in the comments and then please, head straight to the kitchen and cook up something amazing!


  1. I am going to bake some bread again today, but ,oddly, I have not felt like cooking much yet. I usually do all year round. I suspect it is because I am tired now that it gets dark earlier so unless I cook during daylight hours, I will be too tired.

    While I like cook books, I don't have that many and can't really recommend any particular ones. I do like Rick Stein's book of Asian recipes because it has lots of pictures of street food vendors preparing food. I enjoyed his TV series about travelling Asian countries looking for amazing food, so this book is a great reminder of it.

    I would love to have a pantry someday! Like you, we have a tiny flat and not enough space for much. I gear if I put one more spice on my spice shelf, it is going to collapse.

    1. Currently my kitchen is a tiny room, where the entrance would normally be. This means it has 3 doors! My man fixed me a 'pantry' by putting shelving above the door frames. I do need to stand on a stool to get up there, but it works wonderfully and since the room has no windows, it's sufficiently dark as well.

      I hardly ever cook foreign food. I'm very traditional and strive to cook like my grandmother.