#NUCRAL - Lesson 3, Japanese and Yarn Over

Carol Feller's class on short rows is the first class of the #NUCRAL. The idea behind the a-long is to share progress, swatches, questions and idea. Basically, I needed an accountability partner and figured you might too.

We've made it to lesson 3, you can read about lesson 1 and 2 here.

Chapter 1 - Japanese Short Rows

Eureka! While this is a little fiddly, the wraps is much smaller. Neither me nor my mum have ever seen this method before, but it seems really promising.  Have you used it?

Chapter 2 - Working the Wrap

This proved a tiny bit fiddly as well, but entirely worth it. As you can see the result is very neat for my first try ever. 

Here is my swatch at this stage:

Chapter 3 - The Yarn Over Short Row

This method is not for me. I'm not sure if it is easier to work if you are a thrower, for me, a picker it was just annoying, especially compared to the 3 previous methods. The result, however, turned out okay.

Now that we've worked all the methods and completed our swatch (you did do a swatch, right?!), let me know what your favourite method is in the comments. Mine would have to be the Japanese!

Come back next Monday to read my notes on the use of short rows in garments and share yours. 


  1. Pia! I haven't posted about this and I'm 2 lessons behind! Seeing this has inspired me to get going!

    1. uh yes please do and then let me know in the comments so we can all see it.