#NUCRAL lesson1+2

Carol Feller's class on short rows is the first class of the #NUCRAL. The idea behind the a-long is to share progress, swatches, questions and idea. Basically, I needed an accountability partner and figured you might too.

Lesson 1

While we are going over two lessons this week, the first is nothing but an introduction to the Craftsy platform. It's a wonderful concept, isn't it?

Lesson 2 - Wrap and turn

Chapter 1 - about Carol Feller

The second class begins with an introduction of Carol Feller. To me she seems like a natural talent, I feel like I'm sitting on the other side of that desk talking to her.

Chapter 2 - Using short rows

The one thing that really stuck with me in part two, was that using short rows turns a garment from flat into something 3 dimensional.

Chapter 3 - Defining short rows

Carol does a lovely job of demystifying the short row. She points out that the only difficult thing is hiding the gap when you turn and I agree completely.

Chapter 4 - The platform

We're pretty much doing an extension of what you can do on the platform itself here. Sort of like a small group within a larger gathering.

Chapter 5 - Swatches

This part is really nicely done in my opinion, not only do you have the written instructions on how to work the swatches in your course material, but Carol knits along with us as well, so it's really easy to see what we need to do and how the knitting is supposed to look.
Don't be afraid to pause it often to work each portion, if you don't knit at Carol's speed. I've worked wrap and turn many times before and still had to pause it.
The only thing to be aware of is Carol's counting, if this easily messes your work up, then just pause every time you need to count something.

Chapter 6 - Picking up the wrap

This method of picking up the wraps was new to me and I think that shows in the swatch. The directions were very clear but the result not as neat as my usual wrap and turns.

Chapter 7 - Wrap and turn, the variation

Now, this method makes for a much neater finished wrap and turn. It was actually the way, I was taught to do it to begin with. You can see on my swatch how it comes out much more evenly. This is of course partly due to my experience, but I think the method itself just makes for a cleaner finish.

That's all for this week, not too bad, right? Now it's time for you to chime in. Join the #NUCRAL on Twitter and Instagram, leave a link to your blog if you post about it and let us know what you though of the lesson in the comments.

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