Frogged Designs - Knitting bag review

Besides being a wonderful knitter, Marie over at Frogged Designs is a great seamstress. Her motto is stilvoll stricken or for those of you who don't read German, knit in style. Marie has a shop with project bags, needles cases and more, that certainly allows you to do just that. Recently, she sent me a bag in a lovely black and white print. To me this fabric is a picture of a birch tree forrest in a pitch black night, lit up by stars. I knew from the fabric alone that I would love the bag.

There is, however, so much more to the bag than just the nice fabric. It's lined and has a layer of vliseline (matting) between the two layers of fabric, making it very sturdy, but also soft. I have no worries of needles pocking holes in the fabric (yes, that may have happened to me with other project bags).

The bag has a flat bottom, sit up on its own and closes with drawstrings. No seams are exposed and everything looks as though it has been neatly pressed before being sewed. The bag has a handy loop with the Frogged Designs label and a keychain ring. This makes it easy to attach it to another bag, should you want to.

I believe my bag is the medium size, and while not large enough to haul an entire sweater around, it worked just fine for a large shawl, that I dragged back and forth on my commute for a while.

Marie sent along a few goodies as well, and my man really appreciated the chocolate, while I've been enjoying the tea and stitch markers.

There are still some things left in Marie's shop after her most recent update (October 6th). Go check them out and let her know I sent you. 


  1. That fabric sure is stunning, I love the birch tree pattern.

  2. Uh oh, just as I ws trying to stay away from new project bags! This one is lovely.

    1. In deed. Can one ever have too many project bags?