Dying for the first time

Over Easter I tried my hand at dying for the first time. I think I've mentioned the kill-me-now-UGLY orange fibre I've been spinning forever because I have so much of it. Well, I brought 3 skeins =150g with me to the island and had fun with my mum overdying it with black. I wanted a nice brown but all you could get on the island was black, but take a look at how it turned out:
soaking the yarn

mixing the dye

still wet, look at the change!

All dry and brown with hints of orange.
I think the pictures speak for themselves. I am one happy camper and plan to spin away so that I can overdye a lot of skeins next time I go to the island. We don't have room to dye in our tiny studio. I can also tell you that it is wonderful to knit with and the orange pops really make it come to life.


  1. Looks amazing! Watch out the dyeing is addictive.

  2. Thank you so much. I think I'm hooked already...