Going with the flow - going well.

I've been pressing on with my dad's final pair of socks. I've turned the heel and knitted the gusset of the second sock and I really want this final sock to be done already. But lets be realistic. I have knitted an entire socks worth since Monday. No wonder my hands are a little tired and I had to stop knitting today.
I really wanted to do something with thread and I wasn't in the mood to spin. So I got out my embroidery hoop and started working on my mum's christmas gift:

So far it is turning out just like what I had in mind. But obviously I have not gotten very far yet. All those french knots are the reason  I decided to start this one early in the year!

How has your crafting week been thus far? 


  1. Love the photo you took of your mom's present. I´ve been busy not sleeping. Alex is getting his two top teeth and well this mamma is done. Now the house is a mess and every morning when I write my to do list it is more of a wish list than something that will actually get done.

  2. thank you, I just hope it keeps turning out like what I have in my mind. I hope you remember to take good care of yourself.Your boys all need a mama that is feeling as good as she can.