Shh, it's sort of a secret...

I am finally doing something I have wanted to do for a looooong time. I'm working on my very first design. I had the idea for a pattern over Easter and unlike the other times this have happened, I could not stop obsessing about it. I wanted to know that if I were to put all that effort into it, then it would be able to pay me a little over time.
This was no easy thing, as the Danish tax is fairly high, so between that and Paypal's cut (which is also higher in DK because they charge a conversion fee), there wasn't much left for me. I was looking at having to sell 11 patterns or so just o be able to buy 1 pattern on Ravelry. That is when my dad suggested a visit to the local tax office.
So I went the next day and lo and behold, the nice lady told me I didn't have to pay taxes as long as I earn less than X in a year (and there is no way I'm going to make even 1/20 of X in a year). In reality you have to pay tax on every single dime you earn, but if I were to pay taxes I would also be intitled to write off a computer etc., which would put me in the negative for decades. You should have seen the nice lady's face when she asked me how much I expected to earn in a year and I told her that $10-20 would be awesome! (clearly I'm doing this for the fun of it and not planning to make a living off of it.)
I wanted to be sure that I was setting out on this venture the right way though. I am happy to pay my taxes as they enable me to get an education my parents would never have been able to pay for and provide us with free health care etc., but I have to say I'm glad I don't have to pay them on this possible side business.
So what am I designing? Well, there are two things for your head in the makings, which will be offered as a combined pattern and one thing for your hands, which is still very tentative. I told you it was sort of a secret ;)


  1. Love! See I told you you never knew what would come up in the future! Zoë

    1. And you were right! Again.. ;) Can't wait to see if people will want to knit something I thought up.