It is no secret that I am bi-craftual. My love of all things hand made doesn't come from strangers, so when I mentioned to my dad that I had wanted to do some leather work, but had rejected the thought again when I realised how much even only the most neccessary tools would cost me he offered me all his tools and what leather he still had, there was even a book included.
I have fond memories of watching my dad work in leather and later sitting opposite him trying to work in it myself. There was no tool I wasn't allowed to use. I even played with the burner. Back then I mostly played with the scraps from his projects, but I did make some simple projects like key chains as well.
Two bags with all his tools had been sitting in our basement for a while before I had an idea for what I wanted to make, but this week I got it all up and surveyed it.

I was so eager to start my project, that I sat down and reached for the cutting board... That was when it hit me, there was no cutting board. I was more than willing to shell out the money for one, but I called my parents just to find out what had happened to the one I remembered. At this point I had also noticed the lack of the burner, which made me sad, but I was thinking my dad might still use it for marking wood. Turns out the cutting board and the burner both lived at a different spot in my parent's basement than the rest of the gear and therefore had been forgotten, so they will be coming to live with me soon.


  1. You are an amazing woman. I remember doing some leather work in what we call handavinnu or hand work in school in Iceland. Where we learned to knit, sew, cross stitch and other crafty things. My favorite was in shop when I made jewlery with torches and melting things and oh how beautiful they were but always turned my fingers green LOL

  2. I don't know about amazing, you know you have yet to see anything I've made in leather, right?! But I am looking forward to get back into this and do a few projects.

  3. Loved my visit here... saw you on the ravelry homesteading group since your name is next to mine. Hope your homesteading dreams come true! :)

    1. Thank you, so do I. I'm glad you enjoyed the visit and hope you come back another time :)