I knitted a whale cosy

I knitted a whale cosy. There I said it. A 4 sleeved whale cosy. Do you think I'm being a little hard on the poor Still Light Tunic? You are right, I am. The tunic is wonderful. But you see, I made it a dress, with long sleeves and it makes me feel not unlike a huge stranded whale. Sigh.

The feeling has been there all along. Every time I tried it on I told myself, that the pockets would make it much better, perfect in fact. I just had to finish the pockets, weave in the ends and I would go from stranded whale to lovely nymph. I just had to finish those pockets...

Queue pocket #1 just bound off and me trying the dress on for the Nth time. The fit was no better, in fact it was worse. Yes, the pocket had made the dress fit me even less.
By now I was ready to rip out the entire dress and just be done with it. Thankfully, my much saner mum was standing right next to me and sensing the waterworks being seconds from opening, she jumped in with a 'tack this down, sew this in a little and voilà'.

I didn't entirely buy the voilà part, but with all the hours, not to mention moolah invested into this dress, I'm ready to give anything a chance and I have to say I do just love those pockets. They are inspired by ohakala's pockets.  

Have you ever knitted a whale cosy?

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