Let's review: KnitPicks/KnitPro Cubics - Double Pointed Needles (DPNs)

 A DPN  (Double Pointed Needle) lovestory

Possibly the best DPNs in the world!

Childhood experiments

I’m a DPN kinda gal. I’ve tried it all, magic loop, two circs, you name it I’ve tried it at least once. A long time ago, I discovered that DPNs were the way to go for me. Back in the day, I was knitting on those old school metal ones, those cold, hard, hand-hurting needles. They were the only kinds around really. Does that make me sound ancient? Oh, well. My first several pairs of wooden DPNs were bamboo and while I liked them a lot more than the metal ones, they always ended up being unusable after a while. Why? Because I bent the life out of those things.  I was a hardcore, grip-the-needle-to-save-your-life kinda knitter, who even bent metal on a regular basis.  

Highschool sweethearts

Around 2008, the year I graduated from the gymnasium (not a place you work out, but an educational institution, look it up, it’s an English word), I discovered not only Ravelry and podcasts but the company KnitPicks or KnitPro as I believe they are marketed under here. That year is a knitting haze to me.  At some point I got my first pair of KnitPro DPNs, beautiful, colourful laminated wood, round, soft and still to this very day magically unbent (partly due to my much more relaxed approach to needles at this point). I still recall using them for the first time and having that feeling of being reunited with a long lost friend, I never knew I had. 

Bye-bye first love, hello perfection

For years I would rave about these needles to anyone making the mistake of lending me an ear. Then something happened, these wonderful needles suddenly fell to the bottom of my toolkit, where they still lay, neglected, rarely used. When they actually get a workout, it is to the whining tune of “why do I not have this size in those other needles”.
Let me tell you about those other needles, the ones that made me say goodbye to my first true DPN love, they are perfection in my eyes and they are called KnitPro Cubics. Beautiful, colourful laminated wood, square, soft and still to this very day magically unbent. I still recall using them for the first time and having that feeling of being reunited with a long lost friend, I never knew I had. Oh no dear, I’ve never said that to anyone but you, I promise (ahem) and I swear I really mean it with you… 
Unless of course you feel like challenging my one true love with another kind? 


  1. There is just something about being reunited with good knitting needles that puts a smile on one's face :D. I am not a DPN user (too many times dropping a needle on my bus rides led me to just like circulars better) but the circular Cubics are catching my eye now!

    1. Nika, so much of the knitting joy is depending on working with good tools. I am a firm believer that one kind (e.i. circs or DPNs) aren't better than the other, but they can be better for YOU. If you try the circular Cubics then please let me know what you think.