Micro business update.

These days it seems like I'm learning non-stop. All day I'm studying for my exams and at night I'm either learning more about blogging, social media or small businesses in general.
I'm looking forward to the 21st, which will be the first day of my summer vacation and the day I begin to do more focused work on my little micro business endeavour. An endeavour I want to keep you updated on.
I have reinvested every penny I've made from pattern sales into learning more about designing. Back in April, a generous stranger gifted me a class on Craftsy. I had to pause the class because all the math and Excel work was too much for my mid-semester brain. But the class had me at hello and this week I was able to buy two additional classes on designing and pattern writing (taking advantage of a sale making the classes 50% and 70% off).
I've been taking the pattern writing class at night while knitting and am excited as it progresses to something that seems very useful.

There is a design that has lived in my mind for a long time now and keeps haunting me, so I finally got some yarn to do a giant swatch, hopefully before the 21st, so that I can do the math for it and this neglected design during July and August.

In other micro business news my beloved MacBook once again refused to do anything let alone locate the operating system. This time it only lasted for a few hours, thankfully. However, it seems safe to say that a new computer may be needed in the not too distant future.

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