Would you like a peek into a design process?

One of the things I've been looking around the interwebs for is glimpses of designers' processes. I love reading about how people get their ideas and how they design, but the people who share this are few and far between.

Spilling the beans

Any half decent blogger knows, that you should blog about things you yourself would like to read about, so I decided that I would be one of those people, who shared a lot about their process and inspiration etc. while working on patterns.

This decision immediately made it clear why not that many do so and why many who do, wait until the pattern is finished and published. Here is what I discovered:

  1. It is very difficult to take a somewhat decent picture of a design in progress without giving away the secret sauce.
  2. It is very difficult to talk somewhat coherently about the design process of a design in progress without giving away the secret sauce. 

All about the secret sauce

Are you sensing a pattern? I did too. It's not that I have a giant ego and a huge fear that someone will steal my 'brilliant' idea. It's more a case of me wanting to leave something for the imagination, so that the finished pattern will not be completely old news before it is published. And that my friends is all about keeping the secret sauce, well, a secret. 

While I finally understood why designers don't share their progress and processes as much, I was still determined to do so. I only have so much knitting time and a lot of it will hopefully be devoted to working on patterns in the future, so if I'm not willing to show and tell, there really isn't much left to blog about and I really do enjoy blogging.

So what can I share?

After the initial shock, I've been looking for ways to share snippits and realized there was still a lot I could share about designs, such as:

  • colours
  • small details
  • road bumps
  • discarded ideas 
  • inspiration

Honestly, with a little attention, I think I'll be able to share loads with you, while still preserving the secret sauce for the great reveals, when the patterns are published.

The big question is are you interested? Would you like a peek into my design processes?


  1. YES! I think everyone approaches knitting differently and so it would be cool to see how you go about transitioning what you have in your head onto paper and then into a physical knitted object. However I do understand the fear of having your design stolen and hope you manage to find a balance between showing us your ups and downs of designing while still preventing your design from being apparent.

    1. Nika, thank you so much for both understanding and letting me know. I'll go ahead and share all that I feel like I comfortably can. :)